MA2 in Fashion Image at Institut Français de la Mode graduation project

Off Taste is an experience, a photographic event I've created, curated and produced that happened on March 24th 2022, answering to the following problematic: 

In times where contemporary tastes are being revoked and the grand public wishes to explore further the depth of social limits, we can ask ourselves «how are social constructions and historical contexts shaping our sensibility to ugliness ?» Thus justifying it’s subjectivity.

This project was inspired by the book "Le goût du moche"- Alice Pfeiffer which triggered in me the need to explore deeper and visually  the notion of ugliness. 

How it could be defined and how people are reacting to the social pressure around the definition of ugliness and the rise of beauty standards?

The 6 following concepts are all expressing in their own ways, my researches and thoughts process around the subjectivity of ugliness.

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