Moncler x IFM -  Brand magazine workshop - April 2021

Brief: Imagine a paper magazine as an editorial project. Analyze the brand and conceptualize it. Create a brand magazine for Moncler. 

Mentored by Fabrice Painaud & Laure Guilbault

Creative Directors: Dior Sow, Yasmin Regisford, Valentina Pilloni, Shana Littley, Eugen Timofejev

Project Manager: Shana Littley 

Editorial Director: Dior Sow

Fashion Editor: Yasmin Regisford

Editorial Designer: Valentina Pilloni

Art Director: Eugen Tomofejev

Moncler Illustrated, an encyclopedia in the first person.


To make the drum of the printer heard again seems like an impossible statement in our time. There is something radical about standing in front of scrolling pages, watching mere thoughts being given a tangible reality. One cannot help but imagine the original excitement when humanity saw paper get pressed and bound with astonishing ease for the first time. The falling piece of domino that lead us to the hyper informed society that we live in today. 

Standing in front of the machine, a monster of novelty, people at the time had to make a swift decision as to how the golden resource would be put to use, and from the start the path seemed clear: 


Still lives series - Freija feather cloak

Art director, producer and stylist: Yasmin Regisford  

Photographer: Qiting Lin 

Set designer: Pierre Vaillant 

Assistants: Shana Littley, Eugen Timofejev

Editorial shoot in Normandy - Power of Essence

Art directors and producers: Yasmin Regisford, Shana Littley

Stylist: Yasmin Regisford 

Photographer: Olivia Ghalioungui 

Make up artist: Yoriko Fujita 

Hair:  Lucrécia Zièle 

Models: Yousra Youssafa, Jiawen Han, Laura Toutoute

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