Hermès x IFM  - Photo AD workshop - November 2020

Brief: Propose an artistic direction for the brand Hermès for their small leather goods and create a photo campaign aiming at a new and younger target. 

Mentored by: Christophe Renard

Art directors: Aron Meier, Shana Littley & Yasmin Regisford

Photographer: Nicolas Guiraud

Stylist: Yasmin Regisford

Producer: Kitten Production

Models: Carla Schmitt, Stella KoumbaJacob Yizhe

Concept: Looking Fly

Moving freely was the ultimate luxury at that moment. We longed for the high of wearing our beloved items out in the open, the self-confidence of looking fly – the feeling of levitating.

Through levitation, we not only metaphorically highlight the elevated status of the wearer, but also physically show off the functionality of the bags in a playful way.

In an ironic twist, we mix Hermès surrealist aesthetic with a Cut N' Paste Style to intentionally shatter the illusion and relate back to the target audiences' need for authenticity.

Communication strategy applied to Asian Market

Pop-up event mock up in Sanlitun, Beijing

Social media outcome

Using Format