Adidas x IFM - Video AD workshop - January 2021

Brief: Defining the target, imagine and produce a mock-up of at least one video for the new Stan Smith, which is more sustainable, and the Instagram strategy to activate it. 

Mentored by Antoine Asseraf

Art Directors & Producers: Dior Sow, Julia Sultana & Yasmin Regisford

Stylist: Yasmin Regisford

Set designers: Dior SowJulia Sultana & Yasmin Regisford

What do you Stan for? 

Leave your mark, reduce your footprint


Sustainability and a Sense of Community go hand in hand. Our campaign pays hommage to the Stan Smith’s longstanding relationship with France’s urban landscape. Through different formats we will play with social distinction and concepts of « high » and « low » taste applied to French youth. Getting through the message that young people are now a driving force for cultural AND environmental change.  


A boxer is seen getting ready for what we think is a fight.  

He unexpectedly starts singing an Opera verse. 

The lyrics are written in a French colloquial language and denounce the wrongs done to our planet.

The tone is playful and helps deliver a strong yet fun message.

Videographer: Benjamin Torres

Art directors: Dior Sow, Julia Tordjman & Yasmin Regisford

Stylist: Yasmin Regisford

Boxer: Ousman Dominguez

Singer: Sima Ouahman

Neighborhood Watch

Amine, a young violinist is going through his daily life wearing the Stan Smith. He starts writing music in his room and then go out to share it. By inspiring his surrounding with his art, Amine leaves his mark in a metaphorical way. 

Director: Nicolas Sene 

DOP: Louis Lafont 

Art directors: Dior Sow, Julia Tordjman & Yasmin Regisford

Stylist: Yasmin Regisford

Talent: Amine D1

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